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    Fall asleep

    For stressed sleepers who struggle to dose off at the end of a long day.

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    Stay Asleep

    For light sleepers who wake up frequently or too early to feel rested.

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    Feel Energised

    For energy seekers who struggle to wake up or feel tired throughout the day.

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  • Juliette - Sleep Consultant

    Founder of Fée de Beaux Rêves, sleep consultant, speaker and author, Juliette has a string of successes in the field of sleep.

    'I believe in an approach that is 100% natural, inspired by behavioural and cognitive therapies (CBT) which have been proven to help with insomnia.'

    For Juliette, sleeping badly is not a fatality, she proves that with a little help, everyone is able to find a good night's sleep.

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  • Marianne - Reflexologist & Naturopath

    Trained since 2017 in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, naturopathy and then plantar reflexology, Marianne is an expert in alternative medicine.

    'The field of alternative medicine is constantly evolving, so I explore and train myself over time, in order to always offer new approaches to well-being.'

    A graduate in naturopathy and plantar reflexology from the IFSH, she is also trained in aromatherapy, herbal medicine and Chinese medicine diagnostics by CERFPA.

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How do we select sleep products?

All-natural plant-based sleep products curated by experts and chosen for you

Recommended by experts

With the help of our sleep experts, we select the best science-backed, natural formulas, proven to improve sleep.

Natural & plant-based

We choose organically farmed, non-addictive, plant-based sleep solutions with zero to minimal side effects.

Creating healthy sleep routines

Our approach to sleep is holistic - revery is all about finding the right combination of healthy habits and targeted products to build a healthy, sustainable and restorative routine around sleep.

To get started, take our sleep diagnostic for our expert tips on building a sleep routine. Browse our selection of expert-recommended products, and visit our sleep blog for additional resources and guidance.

Taking care of our planet

We partner with engaged and like-minded brands that source ethically and organically.

When we can, we prefer to support local businesses and give great products the visibility they deserve.