Meet our sleep experts

We work with specialists that help us curate our products and develop sleep protocols, for better sleep and a better you.

Sleep Consultant

Juliette Moudoulaud

Founder of Fée de Beaux Rêves, sleep consultant, speaker and author, I coach people wishing to improve their sleep or their family's sleep.

Sleeping poorly is not a fatality; everyone is capable of getting a good night's sleep with my approach which is 100% natural, inspired by behavioural and cognitive therapies (CBT) which have been proven to solve insomnia.

I practice in France and Europe thanks to my network of sleep coaches, whom I train myself in my techniques. The first interview is free and without obligation, giving you the opportunity to ask your questions about this support.

Reflexologist & Naturopath

Marianne Rapoport

Sensitive to the approaches of oriental culture, I have always used alternative medicine with my friends and family. It was therefore quite natural that I came to my current practice. After the birth of my second son in 2017, I trained in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, naturopathy and then reflexology plantar.

Graduated in naturopathy and foot reflexology from IFSH, I am also trained in aromatherapy, phytotherapy and diagnostics in Chinese Medicine by CERFPA. Through the fantastic vector that are the your feet, I aim to relax and rebalance the energies. With naturopathy in parallel, my clients become the architects of their own well-being.

I am now an established reflexologist and naturopath in the South of France.